Monday, January 21, 2013

The Honest Kitchen

I am just nuts over The Honest Kitchen de-hydrated dog food.  This is what I have been looking for in all of the hours spent reading and re-reading about dog foods.  Their dehydrated mixes are made from human grade ingredients (and they are certified by the FDA to be able to say so), and manufactured in a human food manufacturing plant.  I have not found a higher standard set in the dog food industry.  I can feed The Honest Kitchen products knowing that it is held to the same level of quality as the food my human family eats.  This, is what I want in a dog food.

Dehydrated means that there is less processing and more preservation of nutrients...

The Honest Kitchen is also straight forward with informing consumers about the origin of it's ingredients.  This means a lot to mean, especially in light of recent events.  So many dog foods use components from China, and over the last several years that has left many pets sick, or dead.  I look for foods, specifically that are China free.  I am thrilled to say that this brand is 100% China free.

We are working on a box of Thrive at the moment.  The great thing is, that you can order samples at their website-to ensure that this is something your pooch will love.  I recommend ordering a few, as the difference in flavors is noticeable   I don't think that I mentioned the employees regularly taste test the batches? I even taste tested the Thrive before feeding it to the boys, grainy, yes, and very well flavored (something I would never do with kibble).

The Honest Kitchen offers many different formulas, some for all life stages, some meant more for adult dogs. I encourage you to explore their site as there is a wealth of information there. The Thrive we ordered is made from free range chicken, it is also gluten free!

The boys would chase me into the kitchen and go so far as to bark at me until I had the food prepared.  I feed twice a day (5-6 lb maltese dogs) so they get 1/4 cup of mix at each feeding along with a little over 1/4 cup of water.  The feeding instructions call for a bit more water than that, but I like to keep it a little more of a 'mush' consistancy.  At first they devoured it, then for a while they didn't want anything to do with it....when I reintroduced it after a time, they have begun again to dive in and wait eagerly for mealtime.  I think, I have created some picky dogs.

It is my understanding that sometimes the Thrive formula (with it's gluten free quinoa base) is slightly different tasting from the other formulas so don't be discouraged if your pooch doesn't go nuts for it, I suggest just trying another flavor.

Since Rocky has such a sensitive stomach, I will be ordering some Zeal for him next round. I have heard it does well for dogs with very sensitive tummys.

If you have been thinking of giving a dehydrated food a try for your dog, I don't think it gets any better than this.  Now when I say the dogs are eating better than we are for dinner, it's no joke!

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