Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I am a huge freshpet fan. They offer fresh foods for your dogs and cats, this can be found not only in petstores but also in your local grocery store.

The boys really enjoy the slice and serve rolls. (Which are available in all life stages!) The only reason I don't serve this full time is cost. Premium kibble is still more affordable. I do use these, however, to suppliment their diet on occasion, as a replacement for one of their kibble meals.

Freshpet also has a wonderful selection of treats available. I have made their peanutbutter cookies, which my boys greatly enjoyed, and I even brought extras to work for co workers dogs. I did not recieve one bad report! These cookies only last about a week, so if you only have one or two dogs, I would either share leftovers or only make partbof the batch and freeze the rest.

As for the frozen treats, the peanutbutter ice cream is a hit in our house, in fact, the boys will be having some as a snack today. (Tucker is teething and it is great for his sensitive mouth) Today's blog pucture shows Rocky finishing off his treat, pretty sure he's fond of it! The frozen yogurt though, he gives up to Tucker without a fight.

Overall, I love these products and would definantly recommend them to other pet owners! Freshpet is one of our favorite brands.

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